My Shower is Draining Slow – Why is This Happening?

A slow draining shower is quite common. However, the reasons this happens can vary. Although a plumber can easily solve this problem, you can check out a few things yourself.

While many glamorous things come out of your bathroom, one of the least pretty things is the hair that builds up in the shower drain. Although it might not seem like it, this is your best-case scenario. Start by unscrewing the drain stopper and simply reach in and pull out what’s stopping it. If there is no visible blockage, then read on.Tools

If you can’t see what’s stopping your shower from draining, then we might have a bigger problem on our hands; or under our feet! A dead give-away is to see if the other fixtures in your bathroom are draining slowly as well. If your shower and sink are draining slowly, then you probably have a stoppage further down the drain system that is causing problems for both fixtures. While it may be a simple fix, and in order to have an accurate diagnosis, it may require an experienced and qualified plumbing technician to do the job.

A plumber will find access to the drain pipe and run an auger or a “snake” through the pipe to literally rip out the blockage. This is typically not a complicated process.

If you have the time and don’t mind spending it on do-it-yourself projects like this, dive right in. If you get in a tight spot or things just aren’t going as well as you thought they would, an experienced professional can put it all back together.