How to Know If Your HVAC Needs a Tune-up or Needs to be Replaced

To repair or to replace your HVAC…that is the question.

Summer is just about here as we are seeing triple digits almost every day now. This is the time to make sure your HVAC is running efficiently and effectively, especially before the temperatures really start to warm up.

Many of our customers wonder if they should repair their HVAC or just replace it. We are here to help you make that decision as a properly working HVAC in Scottsdale and the rest of the valley of the sun is critical, especially during the summer months. HVAC unit

 When to Replace Your HVAC

Different variables do come into play when deciding the right time to replace your HVAC, and the age of your HVAC is the biggest variable.  

If your HVAC is 10 years or older, you will most likely benefit from just getting a new one. Your HVAC unit usually can’t outlive a decade. A very well-maintained and not overused HVAC could possibly last up to 15 years.  

The next variable to look at is its components and parts. Can you even get the right parts to repair your HVAC? It might just be best to replace the whole thing.  

If you find that high-quality tune-ups and frequent repairs are still not giving you an efficient and effective HVAC unit, you might end up saving money by just replacing it. Take a look at your monthly utility bills and compare repair costs. Sometimes repairs aren’t always effective in older units. 

When to Repair your HVAC

There are times when you should just repair your HVAC instead of replacing it. For example, there are often tax credits and rebates in place if you choose not to replace the whole unit. 

If your home or business structure is nearing the end of its life and you plan to remodel soon, you might just want to do an easy repair for now. Especially if your unit is quite young. 

Sometimes repairs are more affordable, again especially for younger units. Plus, there are oftentimes deals on parts, equipment, and labor. 

If your HVAC just needs an easy fix, yet is aging, you could talk with one of our trusted technicians to figure out if repairing or replacing is better for you financially. You might want to hold off a bit longer on replacing your unit if you are waiting on an updated HVAC unit to be released. Technology is always evolving! 

 Rainforest Plumbing and Air

Always check with one of our technicians before deciding on repairing or replacing your HVAC unit.

Rainforest Plumbing and Air has been serving Phoenix and surrounding areas in Arizona for over 20 years. Our technicians take preventative maintenance seriously and will put you on a schedule to ensure that your HVAC units are working effectively and efficiently, saving you time and money.