Is Unstopping a Clogged Drain a Big Job?

The short answer to this question is, “It depends!”

Consider the following questions:

– Is the point of the drain stoppage inside the home or in the front yard?
– Is there sewer water coming up in one or more tubs or showers which is symptomatic of a mainline stoppage?
– Is your slow drain just in your kitchen sink drain, bathroom sink drain, shower drain, or a single drain of any kind?
– Is your clogged kitchen sink stopped on the garbage disposal side or on both sides?
– Do you have a drain cleanout in the front of the home or in the area of the clog?
– Do you have large trees in the front yard that could have intruded to slow drain pipes?
– Is the property a residential home or a commercial property such as apartments or restaurants?Drain

Well, we could go on and on asking you questions about the drain stoppage you are wondering about. The point here is that there is so much more to consider to know whether or not unclogging your drain problem is a big deal or not.

The bottom line is, we really need to come to your home or office to take a look at your particular drain problem. However, we can tell you that drainage systems are designed to work properly. When a drain stops up, there is usually a problem that has to be addressed such as root intrusion or broken and separated pipes or connections. In these cases, it could be easy to temporarily clear the drain line but the underlying problem still needs to be corrected. If you just want to solve the immediate problem of the drain stoppage, we can do that, then give you an estimate for the more extended repair.

If you just have a clogged kitchen sink or a stopped up toilet, this is typically not a big deal. A kitchen sink clog normally requires taking the tubular apart under the sink, clearing out the debris then putting it back together again. This can be done in under an hour or so. You may also be interested in Bio-clean products to help clean drains.

If you have a clogged toilet, sometimes the use of an auger does the trick such as when there is a toy stuck in the toilet. Toys are sometimes hard to get out though and may require the removal of the toilet from the floor. In this case, the toy is retrieved and the toilet is re-installed with a new wax ring then checked for leaks.

If you have a restaurant that uses a lot of greases, you may be interested in our hydro-jetting service to clean a greasy drain. We use a trailer-mounted jetter that scours the inside of your pipes to remove the build-up of any kind. This is a drain cleaning method that makes the inside of the pipe flow like it did when it was brand new! This application can be used on any pipe including drain pipes with roots. The water from the jetter sprays from a specialized hose and nozzle so hard that it cuts through root intrusion like a weed eater! If you have roots in your main line drain in the front yard, use our hydro-jetter drain service to solve the problem. How do you know if you have roots in your main line drain? We use a drain camera system that can show whether you have roots or if the drain problem is caused by something else.

So, as you can see, it’s hard to know if clearing a drain problem is a big job or not. It only takes a phone call to one of our friendly dispatchers to schedule service. We don’t do anything that you won’t completely agree with before we start. Even the price is told to you right upfront. We do this in writing to be sure there are no surprises! This is our Up-Front Guarantee.

Whatever drain problem you are experiencing, we have a solution provided by qualified technicians. If you live in Phoenix AZ, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Tempe, Peoria, or surrounding areas, we have a drain rooter service for you!