Innovation with Toilets in 2020 is Pushing the Envelope

As the times change, so do toilets!

We all know now is the time of innovation, and did you know that new tankless toilets are all the rage?

With progressive thinking, we have been able to push things forward, and it doesn’t stop at the toilets. 

Kohler never seems to fail when producing the utmost quality toilets and now they have brought the future of the bathroom space upon us. 

Tankless Toilets

The Avoir one-piece tankless toilet is the newest addition to the Kohler family. It was designed to seamlessly blend into any space, while still offering an appealing and advanced design. 

The real beauty of this toilet? There is no need for electrical outlets as this is a battery-powered toilet. 

With just four AA batteries, it will power your toilet for one year. Thanks to this new intelligent design, there is no need for a power outlet nearby.

Other Features

But the stellar features don’t stop there. The toilet comes with easy installation thanks to Kohler’s Readylock TM Systems.  

Plus, the great alignment of the toilet helps with lifting and setting the toilet in even the tightest of spaces. It also has a quiet seat when closing. 

Worried about keeping it clean? This toilet is actually very easy to clean and easy to maintain. It has a powerful flush for the maximum bowl clean, too!

One of the most futuristic features is the wireless flush remote. It also has a remote single button activator that is placed in the bathroom. 

You can choose from either white, dune, or black finishes. The tankless toilets run around $2,000.  

The progression of toilets has slowly but surely been happening over the past few years. It all started with heated toilet seats to make your bathroom experience more pleasurable. Now we have moved on to tankless toilets. So, who knows what the future has in store! Toilet

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