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Signs You Need a New Heater

Signs You Need a New Heater

While we may not use our heaters as much as our friends to the north, there are still plenty of cold winter nights where we need our heaters to keep us comfortable. And despite not using them a whole lot, a heater will eventually need to be replaced.

Knowing the signs that you need a new heater will help you prepare for the change and prevent any surprise breakdowns. Here are some things to consider that may indicate that it’s time for a new heater.

Constant Repairs

Whether you have your HVAC technician at your house every few weeks, or you are facing an expensive estimate for a repair, the smartest thing to do may be a replacement. Over time, repairs become less effective as different parts of the unit wear out.

Age is also a factor, as an expensive repair is more worth it on a newer unit. Regular maintenance on your heater will help to keep it working better for longer, reducing the chances of these repairs.

Old Age

As we said previously, age is a significant factor in whether or not your unit needs to be replaced. A typical furnace that has been maintained well can last about 10 years, give or take.

As your heater reaches this age milestone, begin planning to replace the unit. If you can, replace it before it starts to wear down. Not only will this prevent repairs and inefficient operation, but you’ll see significant efficiency and performance improvements with a new unit.

Poor Performance

Above everything, if your heater doesn’t work to heat your home and keep it comfortable, you should consider replacing it. If you’ve noticed issues keeping the right temperature, uneven heating, or poor airflow, it may indicate that the heater is on its last legs.

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