Three ac condenser units lined up next to one another outside a building surrounded by grass and plants

How the AC Condenser Works

How the AC Condenser Works

It’s the big outdoor unit we often associate with air conditioning. The condenser is a major part of the air conditioning system and helps to facilitate the temperature changes we so desperately rely on in Arizona summers.

But what really goes on in this big, square machine? We’re breaking down how the condenser works so you have a better understanding of your home cooling system.

Parts of the Condenser

The whole unit is often referred to as the condenser, but there are actually several components that make up the outside portion of your AC system. The condenser coils release the heat collected from the inside portion of your AC. The fan is built in to help blow the heat to the outside, finally removing it from your home.

Also inside the condenser unit is the compressor, which helps move refrigerant gas to the condenser coils.

Caring for Your Condenser

The condenser is unique in that it is easily accessible, usually located outside your home against the siding. Where you place the condenser is usually based on the easiest path to your indoor AC unit. If you think the condenser should be moved, make sure to consult with your HVAC technician for it to be done right.

The condenser has a lot of open space inside, which makes it easily hindered by outside materials. Periodically check the condenser for any leaves, branches, toys, or excess water. Not only can these items damage the unit, but they can reduce the efficiency of your AC, which will cost you money.

You can reduce the chances of these problems by cutting back any foliage that creeps over your unit. At least two feet of space is sufficient to prevent falling branches and leaves.

Another important factor is to make sure no wires are frayed or broken, and there is no physical damage to the outside of the unit. All of these elements make it harder for your AC to do its job.

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