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You can’t relax much in your home if the indoor air quality is stuffy, dusty, or downright dirty. Without routine air duct cleaning services, though, you could be breathing in poor quality air whenever you’re at home. In desert areas like Phoenix, the dust buildup in air ducts can be more intense than in most other areas of the country, too.

When you want to clean the air of your home without breaking a sweat, come to Rainforest Plumbing & Air, serving the Phoenix Metro Area. Our duct cleaning professionals are proud to offer fantastic services at competitive prices. We make it so easy to schedule a service, too, thanks to our triple-scheduling options: call or text (602) 755-2995 or click right here!

Airborne Contaminants in Your Home

When you are standing by a window with the sun coming through, pay attention to what’s in the sunbeam. If you can see a lot of little dust and specks floating around, then that’s just some of what you’re breathing in all the time. There are even more microscopic contaminants in the air that you can’t see unaided. Duct cleaning services can help reduce the number and type of contaminants in the air, though.

Different, common airborne contaminants in the average Phoenix home include:

  • Dust: The desert is dusty but is the inside of the average home. Dust builds up just by spending time in a room, after all. Most of what is in your air ducts are probably dust, which is a problem because dust can be so triggering for people with allergies.
  • Pet dander: Do you have cute cats, dogs, and other pets as part of your family? As much love as they bring into your home, they might bring just as much dander that can slowly clog air ducts, particularly during the summer when furry pets shed the most.
  • Bacteria: Something that we all have to learn to live with is that gross bacteria are everywhere. Luckily, most of them can be eliminated easily with a cloth and cleaning spray. Unluckily, bacteria in their air are harder to get rid of. You should leave that up to a professional.
  • Pollen: Plants, flowers, and shrubs in and around your home can emit pollen spores that drift into the air and cause you to feel stuffy or get itchy eyes. Get Rainforest Plumbing & Air in Phoenix on the job today, so we can help clean up the pollen that’s in your home’s ducts.
  • Insects: Even in the hot desert, little bugs can thrive. As upsetting as it might be, they can thrive in your home’s air ducts! We can start with an air duct inspection to look for signs of a bug problem and then work from there.

Health Problems Caused by Airborne Contaminants

Dust in your home’s HVAC ducts isn’t just annoying and unclean, it could also be the source of health problems. Everyone can feel worse if they breathe low-quality air, especially if they do so for hours in their own homes. However, people with allergies or asthma are at a higher risk of health complications caused by airborne contaminants.

Breathing dusty, dirty, or otherwise unclean air can cause these symptoms and more:

  • Runny nose
  • Itchy eyes
  • Dry throat
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Sinus irritation

If someone in your home has asthma, allergies, or a compromised immune system, then we highly advise that you arrange a duct cleaning service as soon as possible. We also recommend that you schedule our services for routine cleaning. Typically, our customers schedule a duct cleaning every six months, or before and after the draught season in Arizona.

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Our duct cleaning professionals in Phoenix are standing by to help new and returning customers. No matter the size, layout, or style of your home’s HVAC system, we have the experience, knowledge, and equipment needed to clean the ducts efficiently and safely. Thanks to our size and reputation, we can keep our prices competitive. You can also be sure there are no secret surcharges or upsells thanks to our “up-front guarantee” that prioritizes the customer’s satisfaction with each and every job.

Call (602) 755-2995 now to ask for a duct cleaning service in the Phoenix Metro Areas. You can text the same number if you prefer.

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