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It's Not Just a Job, It's Your Career!

At Rainforest Plumbing & Air, our team is constantly expanding to meet the demands of our ever-growing customer base in Phoenix and the surrounding area.

We are currently hiring dedicated, hardworking individuals who have a passion for serving others. We always deliver unparalleled customer service, adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and workmanship to ensure each customer receives the installation, repair or maintenance they deserve.

We offer unlimited opportunities for growth and a fun and supportive work environment! Are you ready to join our team? We can't wait to have you!

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HVAC Technician with Rainforest Plumbing and Air

Exceptional Employee Benefits

  • Competitive pay, frequent bonuses, awards and recognition program. We're also proud to offer fully-stocked service trucks, and a company supplied cellphone and ipad.
  • Company provided training sessions, continuing education for both our employees and customers with our exclusive Rainforest University program.
  • Health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance (company pays 50% of premiums across all categories!), and a company matched 401(k) retirement program.

Our mission is to deliver excellence in customer service by being timely, accurate, and fair. When you call Rainforest Plumbing & Air, our Up-Front Guarantee ensures that the price we give you is the price you pay—no last-minute tricks, no hidden surcharges, no tricks or games of any kind.

Core Values

At Rainforest Plumbing & Air customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re proud to to be Your Guide to a 5-Star Experience for all your plumbing and HVAC service needs. We believe in upholding our core values of providing timely, accurate, fair and easy to work with service to our customers across the Phoenix Valley every day.

Timely Technicians


We respond to customer needs through an efficient order and dispatch system. And we’re proud to offer 24/7 emergency service.

Accurate HVAC and Plumbing Quotes


We maintain an accurate pricing structure. And the price quoted, is the price they pay. And they won’t need to worry about any hidden fees.

Fair and Upfront Pricing


We are proud to offer our Up-Front Guarantee to our customers: we won’t start any work until they are fully informed on the scope of the project.

Friendly, Competant Service Professionals

Easy to work with

Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, but most importantly, friendly!

Whether your job is big or small you can rest assured with Rainforest Plumbing & Air we’ll be Your Guide to a 5 Star Experience.

Current Opportunities

Do you have a passion for helping others and taking care of their homes? Are you dedicated, and hard-working? Apply today! Additional Requirements Include:

  • 3 years of experience (minimum).
  • A clean driving record.
  • Ability to pass background and drug checks.
  • Reliability.
  • Professionalism.
  • Ability to work and solve problems with minimal supervision.
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    What Makes Us Different

    At Rainforest Plumbing & Air, we care about our people! Thanks to so many great talents that come together, we have created an amazing organization that continues to grow and thrive.

    Call Us Today

    1837 N Rosemont Mesa, AZ 85205

    Proudly serving Phoenix valley wide, Rainforest Plumbing & Air is dedicated to providing the highest quality HVAC, indoor air quality and plumbing services.

    Emergency Services Available

    (480) 359-3664
    Call Us Today


    Rainforest Plumbing is a stellar company that cares about people and their reputation. They fixed a previous problem and I will definitely recommend for life!


    Extremely professional, honest and easy to work with. Great company, great people.

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