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Our Team

Ike Tippetts - President

Ike founded Rainforest in 1999 and continues to serve as its President. Early in his career, he earned two degrees in Business Administration. Today, he wears many hats, but his focuses are on personal development, leadership, branding, and marketing. He has led Rainforest to be one of the most recognizable brands in the industry.

Dallin Tippetts - VP of Operations

Dallin knows every detail of how Rainforest works. If anyone needs help, there is a 100% guarantee that Dallin can make it happen! He is the unsung hero of what makes our customer experience so great!

Spencer Tippetts - VP of Strategy & Innovation

Spencer started in the trenches digging as a plumbing helper. Now, he runs our residential plumbing and air conditioning businesses. Spencer’s witty personality make him great to work with and he loves empowering our customers by solving their most inconvenient problems!

Conrad Morin - VP of Finance

Conrad is the numbers guy. His 20 years of banking experience prior to Rainforest make him an expert at keeping things running smoothly. With Conrad’s help, we plan on serving our customers for years to come.

Phil Butler - Sr. Director of Commercial Plumbing

Everybody knows Phil. With over 30 years in the industry, Phil has seen every size job imaginable and nothing is too big or small. Phil joined Rainforest as a technician almost 15 years ago and gradually rose through the ranks to run our commercial plumbing business.

Kyle Sipes - Director of Commercial Plumbing

Kyle started at Rainforest as a plumber’s helper and gained experience in every scenario imaginable. After a few years as a technician, his ability to lead others was apparent. Now, Kyle helps lead our commercial plumbing business. No need to stress if Kyle is involved!

Josh Eisenberg - Director of Commercial Air

Between the months of May and August, Josh is your best friend. Josh has over 15 years of experience in air conditioning. That, combined with his excellent personality, makes him a fantastic leader of our commercial AC business.

Randy McGrath - Commercial Air Manager

When it comes to air conditioning, Randy is your go-to guy! There isn’t a problem he can’t fix. Randy helps manage our commercial air conditioning business which, in Arizona, is no small task!

Matt Tierney - Resource & Warehouse Manager

Matt started at Rainforest as a plumbing helper and over the years he took over management of all of our physical assets! Matt handles everything from oil changes on our fleet vehicles to negotiating pricing for our customers.

Devin Dasilva - Marketing & Data Analytics Manager

Devin, is a skilled professional leveraging data-driven insights to optimize campaigns and drive business growth. With expertise in market research, consumer behavior analysis, and data interpretation, they develop effective strategies tailored to target audiences. Devin’s strong leadership and analytical skills make them an invaluable asset, ensuring data-backed decisions and maximizing ROI.

Jenea Sipes - Finance Manager

Jenea is an exceptional behind-the-scenes leader who excels at solving any problem that comes her way. As the person responsible for managing the company’s finances, Jenea is a master of detail, never missing a beat. Her vast knowledge and expertise make her the go-to person for anyone who needs assistance. When faced with a challenge, the first call is always to Jenea, who knows just how to get things done.

Ebbie Colston - Manager of Residential Services

Ebbie stands out as the epitome of excellence in residential air conditioning, with an unparalleled expertise in HVAC systems. As the overseer of all residential installations and repairs, he guarantees that every job meets the rigorous standards of Rainforest, providing clients with peace of mind.

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Our team is well-versed in HVAC, Indoor Air Quality and Plumbing services including install, repair and on-going maintenance.  We provide 24/7 emergency service, membership benefits and financing options to ensure you get the best service at the best price.

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Extremely professional, honest and easy to work with. Great company, great people.

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