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Septic System Repair in Phoenix, AZ

What Is A Septic System?

Septic systems are underground wastewater, or “graywater” treatment structures, most prevalently found in rural areas without a centralized sewer. These systems use a combination of nature and developed technology to treat water from your bathrooms, kitchen drains, and laundry. They primarily hold water that is cleaner that sewage, or “blackwater,” but is still classified as waste runoff produced by your household plumbing system. However, in some parts of the East Valley, septic systems are relied upon for sewage, drain water, and all wastewater management.

If you need septic system repair in Phoenix, Mesa, or the surrounding areas, make sure to contact Rainforest Plumbing & Air. Our technicians are highly trained and ready to handle any problem related to septic systems in your home or office. We are also backed by over 20 years of experience and a great reputation throughout our community. Best of all, we offer a unique “up-front pricing guarantee,” so you get flat, transparent rates without any last-minute fees or surcharges.

Call (602) 755-2995 for Phoenix Metro Area or (520) 502-2929 for Tucson Metro Area now to schedule septic system repair with our experienced professionals at Rainforest Plumbing & Air.

Phoenix Drain Field Repair for Your Septic System

The wastewater in your home or business septic system has four main locations:

  1. House or building (where it originates)
  2. Septic tank (where it collects and separates)
  3. Distribution box (where it is diverted into one of three or four pipes)
  4. Drain field (where it is finally deposited)

The last component of your septic system, the drain field, requires a high level of skill to service. Septic drain fields are used to remove contaminants and impurities from the liquid that emerges from the septic tank. The drain field typically consists of an arrangement of trenches that contain perforated pipes and a porous material, often consisting of gravel, which is covered by a layer of soil to prevent animals and surface runoff from reaching the volume of wastewater requiring disposal, distributed through these trenches. The size of the drain field just depends on how permeable the ground is. If the earth is composed primarily of hard, clay-like soils, the drain field will need to be much larger. If it is soft and easy to break apart, it does not need to be as large.

When Do I Need Drain Field & Septic System Service in Phoenix?

Regular cleaning of your septic tank is very important to the health and longevity of your drain field and septic system. Be sure to have your septic tank pumped and emptied regularly, as unexpected wastewater overflow is a nightmare for any homeowner. It is also a good idea to add enzymes to your septic tank on a regular basis. These enzyme products help break down solids in your septic tank, allowing for better dispersion and less clogging.

Ask your Rainforest technician about septic tank additives and other services. Our skilled septic tank plumbers offer thorough inspection and maintenance options for your entire septic system, ensuring the tank never overflows and your drain field always functions at peak efficiency. Our goal is for your septic system to last for as long as possible, and for you to never need clean-up service for hazardous wastewater. Rest assured though, if you do experience a septic system malfunction, you can count on our technicians to be there ASAP, ready to provide comprehensive repairs.

Common signs you should call us for Phoenix septic system service include:

  • Slow-draining toilets
  • Gurgling sounds coming from the toilet
  • Toilet and drain back-ups
  • Standing water and low wet spots around your septic tank
  • Excessive green grass around the drain field
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Rainforest Plumbing & Air Is Here to Rescue Your Septic System

Contact Rainforest Plumbing & Air for septic maintenance in Phoenix today, and you can prevent a back-up fracture occur in your drainage pipes. Remember, if a break or malfunction does occur in your septic system, you can also call us to inquire about same-day service. We may be able to provide specials and financing to make our work more affordable, because we always want you to be able to get septic service when you need it most. And with a team that is fully licensed, insured, and background-checked, you’ll never have to worry about receiving safe, professional work when you hire Rainforest Plumbing & Air for all your septic system needs.

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