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Phoenix Water Softener Installation

How to Get Rid of Arizona’s Hard Water

You can prevent hard water problems with water treatment or filtration. The presence of large amounts of calcium or magnesium in a water supply makes the water “hard”. When these minerals are removed, either by filtration or some other process, the water is called “soft”. Hard water can cause a lot of problems, including build-up on showerheads and faucets, accumulation inside of pipes, and as filmy soap scum in showers and sinks.

Reverse osmosis systems can be used to remove the calcium and magnesium from your water, but to use an RO system for a home’s entire water supply would be very expensive. That’s why many people choose to install a water softener in their house instead. At Rainforest Plumbing & Air, we can provide water softener installation in Phoenix that will give you top-notch equipment at a reasonable price. Call us today for a free estimate, and get ready to discover how good your water can taste.

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Signs You Have Hard Water

1. Stains on you plumbing appliances - Since hard water is full of minerals, while the water will evaporate the minerals won't which will leave a stain. While bleach can get the stain out they will return if you don't consult our Phoenix water softener installation experts.

2. Low water pressure - Since minerals make your water heavier and thus called "hard" it will see to it that your water comes out slower than it did before because more force is needed to match the same speed.

3. Breakdown after breakdown - Our plumbing appliances are designed to utilize clean water so if there's anything in your water that shouldn't be there your appliances may keep breaking down.

4. You cleaning products don't work anymore - Just like plumbing appliances, cleaning products were designed to be used with clean water. So if it seems like your hand soaps or detergent aren't mixing with your water, it could be because they aren't.

5. The water bottle test - If you're ever wondering whether or not your water is hard, put some in a clear water bottle add soap and shake it up. If your water is clean with suds on top then your water is good, but if your water gets cloudy with little to no suds then call in our Phoenix water softener installation professionals.

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How Water Softeners Work

Water Softeners replace calcium, magnesium, and occasionally iron ions in your water with sodium ions, which do not cause the same problems. The tank in the water softener is loaded with tiny beads called zeolites. These zeolites are so densely covered with sodium ions that when water entering your home is forced through the tank, the ions trade places. This means the calcium and magnesium “problem” ions are now stuck to the zeolites, leaving sodium-charged soft water to flow through your home’s pipes.

By installing a water softener in Mesa, Phoenix, or the greater East Valley, you will receive benefits including:

  • Improved water taste and smell
  • Fewer stains on cookware, dishes, and clothing
  • Reduced irritation on your skin and hair
  • Decreased build-up on your plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • Less wear and tear on your pipes and larger plumbing system
  • Minimal need to buy environmentally harmful plastic water bottles
  • A reliable supply of clean, potable water

Eventually, the zeolites become so thickly covered in magnesium and calcium ions that the softening process becomes ineffective. At this point, it’s time for regeneration. Since rock salt is composed of sodium chloride, it is used to supercharge the water in the tank with more sodium ions—so much more that they replace the magnesium and calcium ions on the zeolites. The remaining water is then flushed out through a drainage pipe and the softening process continues. At Rainforest Plumbing & Air, we can install a water softener in your home to begin this process ASAP, and provide necessary maintenance to help your water softening system last as long as possible.

Call Rainforest Plumbing & Air to Eliminate Hard Water in Your Home

Don’t hesitate to get the great-tasting, better-feeling, less corrosive drinking water you deserve! Rainforest Plumbing & Air offers financing options to make our water softeners more affordable, and you may be able to take advantage of special deals as well. We have been trusted by customers across the area for over 20 years to deliver five-star service, so you can always rely on our licensed, insured, and background-checked water experts. And with our “up-front” guarantee on pricing, you know how much you are paying when you hire Rainforest Plumbing & Air every time, making it basically impossible not to get a great deal.

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